Recall of Product

OREX Export Pty Ltd
has an obligation to it’s customers and consumers to produce product that is of agreed quality standards and that will not harm the consumer in any way. During growing or packing the possibility exists that product may be contaminated to an extent that it does not meet these standards. Also from time to time the Industry may require certain product to be recalled because of concerns of contamination. In such a case it will be necessary to remove such product from the distribution chain

Category of Recalls
Serious Case
A serious case is described as one where product is contaminated with bacteria or pesticides that could cause death or severe illness.

• It is important to identify the affected product as soon as possible and relevant experts will be called on to assist in establishing the cause of contamination
• Identify all spray records and packing material used for the product
• Product under the control of the company will be isolated
• Information will be communicated to customers so that a joint effort can be made to retieve the product from the supply chain.
• All product codes traceability will be made available for this purpose
• Affected produce will be brought under control as soon as possible
• Destroy affected produce
• A report will be done on completion of the recall
• No GMO and irradiation has been used regarding grafting
• No irradiation on organic fruit
• All citrus fruit has been grown organically
• Although we don’t farm with nuts at the moment, we cannot conform no traces of nut and allergens

Noticeable Quality Defect
In such a case the product will not harm a consumer but has the propensity to damage the brand image. Alerts may arise through customer and consumer complains.

Action Required
• Identify the product
• Identify all materials used in spraying and packing the product
• Communicate information to customer
• Locate all produce
• Bring produce under control as soon as possible
• A report will be done at the completion of the recall.