Food Safety Policy

It is OREX Export PTY Ltd
Policy to provide its customers and consumers with products that are safe to use. We are committed to continually satisfying our customer’s expectations by designing safety and quality init all our products and processes.

OREX Export PTY Ltd will:

• Ensure compliance with all local and applicable, legal requirments, of all products
• Establish and maintain standards and procedures for the control and monitoring of all operations that present potential Consumer Product Safety Hazards. It will utilise Good Manufacturing Practises to underpin the product safety and qauality systems
• Train its employees and empower them to carry out the consumer safety responsibilities relative to their jobs
• Encourage a culture of continuous improvement throughout the supply chain
• Communicate to the supply chain information relevant to food safety
• Manage the outbound supply chain to ensure brand integrity and protect our consumer’s health
• Update the food safety mangement system to keep abreast of any changes relevant to food safety or rieview the system at least once annually