Nut and Allergen Policy

The OREX Export Pty Ltd policy with regards to nuts is below, and we who do not produce nuts at this moment have given guidance on allergens.

All products produced are free of nuts, nut oils and nut product and have no nut derivatives used in their manufacture

Raw Material
• Raw material do not contain nut products
• Growers sign undertaking that no nuts are stored in the same area as raw material

• All packaging is produced from nut free sites and methods
• All packaging is stored in a nut free zone
Staff Facility
• The staff canteen area may contain food that has nut inclusions and there is no restriction on food brought onto the site. Hygiene rules are in place to ensure hands are washed and PPE is worn
• No food and staff personal belongings to be taken into any production areas

• No nut derivatives or processing aids are used in manufacture
• All personnel will wear specific clothing in production areas that is stored separately to and will cover personal clothing
• Employees are made aware of nut policy as part of induction
• All visitors and contractors have to complete questionnaire including nuts before entry
• Full hygiene and hand washing procedures are at entry to production areas